God Can’t Break a Promise


I know this isn’t your typical feel good scripture that the masses are racing to memorize. But today that is what really spoke to me. It reminded me of this beautiful truth: God Can’t Break a Promise.


In the book Kings the Hebrew nation has been split into two (Israel and Judah) and they are continuously cycling¬† through king after king. God, however, promised never to destroy Judah. He also promised to preserve David’s family line because that is through whom he promised to bring the Messiah. In the course of this book a very mean king named Ahab ruled Israel and someway, somehow one of the kings of Judah (Ahaziah) married a relative of Ahab. That created a problem because now this evil ruler had lineage in both nations! Eek!


After Ahaziah dies, his mom decides to make herself Queen of Judah and kill the entire royal family so that no one could succeed her. That’s right, she killed her own grandchildren (yikes, that’s a James 3:16 situation if I ever saw one!).


In the midst of all of this chaos, Ahaziah’s sister Jehosheba stole the last surviving son of Ahaziah and hid him in the temple for 6 years. The boy’s name was Joash. She hid him because he was the last heir left to rule Judah in the line of David. I can’t imagine hiding a child for 6 years!! Clearly, God’s hand was in that situation.


When the child turned 7 (yes, 7!!!) he was made King of Judah! Can you even imagine a seven year old ruling a nation?? It’s hard to believe this, until you remember that it is part of God’s promise. God promised that David’s lineage would rule Judah and eventually lead to the Messiah. Seven year old Joash was the only option God had left (since evil Grandma killed everyone else). So since He promised it, He was sure to make it happen, even if He had to make a seven year old the king of His chosen nation.


For us, it’s crazy to think of this possibility, but for God it’s no big deal. With God even a seven year old can rule a nation. With God all things are possible. If God stated it, it happens. What God says is done. He can’t break a promise.


Are you struggling with something that seems impossible today? Remember this: nothing is impossible if you are aligning your life to God’s will.


Remember God’s promises, and that He can’t break a promise.